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Our Company is the harvester and exporter of 100% Pure Natural Calcutta Bamboo in India. We are the exporter since 1988 and from 2001 the company involved in Bamboo and Bamboo Products.

We are based in eastern part of India and focused on quality, comfort and performance, over price. Our mission is to supply highest Quality of Bamboo Poles in the world. If you expect the best, we are here to deliver.

We are the pioneer and one of the top harvester and exporter of Calcutta Bamboo Poles from India. Our Bamboo Bio Logical name: Dendrocalamus Strictus, Bambusa Tulda, Bambusa Arundinacea.

The Company is administered & monitored by highly skilled professional persons. We are geared up to provide most competitive Price and maintain high quality sought by the International Market.

We are pleased to offer this product in form of Fishing Tackle, Fishing Poles, Poles for making Gaff, Poles for making SKI Poles, Knocking of Almonds, Fencing and Decoration purpose.

We are exporting to USA, Sweden, South Africa, Rep of Maldives, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands and Bulgaria.